Birthmom Questions

Birthmom Questions
In general, what do Safe Haven laws entail?

The legislation varies from state to state but they all have similar elements. If you live an in state that offers affirmative defense and are near a state that offers immunity from criminal prosecution against parents who leave their newborn infants safely in the hands of designated caregivers, as identified by the law, it would be best to go to the state that will give you immunity from criminal prosecution. We believe all states “Safe Haven” laws provide for anonymity, but most at least offer a handout in attempt to obtain minimal information about the infants history such as medical family history, possibly genetic learning disabilities, and how the baby was delivered (via hospital or home birth).

Is baby abandonment illegal?

Baby abandonment is always illegal. However, all states allow a girl or woman to “Safely Surrender” her baby to staff at a hospital, or in the case of CA, you can deliver in a hospital and tell them it is a "Safe Surrender" baby, or call project Cuddle to get our help in finding a family that you choose instead of the baby ending up in "The System". Fire stations and even police stations can be considered Safe Surrender sites in some states. Please note: Each states Safe Surrender Laws vary.

Do pregnant girls and women really call?

We receive calls from frightened girls and women daily. If you’re in need of help please call our toll-free crisis number 1 (888) 628-3353

How can Project Cuddle help me if I don't want to keep my baby?

Each case if different and we will assess your needs and situation to help guide you so that you know you have hope and help going through your pregnancy and moving towards a positive ending. We really do care!

Will my family find out about the baby?

Your family will find out only if you choose to let them know as project cuddle will never share anything confidential.

What if I'm using drugs while pregnant?

Depending on the state if you've had previous children born drug exposed then there are two options:
1. pick a family ahead of time that's willing to adopt a drug-exposed baby and go through training on how to care for this special little one
2. if you and the baby test positive at birth and don't have a family in place through project cuddle, then the baby will go into social services as a foster child.

What if I don't know who the father is?

Whether it's rape or a one night stand we will not judge you but it will actually make it easier to complete with the adoption marking the father as unknown.

Can I safely deliver in a hospital and still use the Safe Surrender Law?

In the state of CA you can do this, but I would contact a hospital in your state to make sure that they will dele your information on the baby's records to make it an official safer surrender or call project cuddle and we can help you work safely through it.

Do you charge the rescue families or Birthmoms for working with Project Cuddle?

No, we never charge the families that want to resuce a baby or the girls that need hel

If I choose adoption does it have to be closed or open?

that is completely up to you ; you have complete control as to whether or not you want to be apart of that babies life. If you have even an ounce of desire, or are unsure, we suggest you put something down for the courts stating you would like possible visitations.

Can you help if I feel like I have no way of keeping my baby, but want to?

We can do our best to help you keep your baby, but you need to be willing to work with us and we will do everything in our power to make it possible, if you follow the guidelines we set up with your help

General Questions

We do go out to pick up children from dumpsters however we're open to meeting you if you're pregnant or just delivered, to help get you to the hospital so you can safely surrender the baby, if you wont call 911, or to help you choose a rescue family to adopt your baby, confidentially. “No baby deserves to be abandoned. Each deserves a safe beginning and healthy happy life.” -Debbe Magnusen

It's been gong on since baby Moses, it's just that there's more publicity about it. People seem to not consider it a human being but more of an object/problem and can't care for it due to fear of family or an abusive relationship.

All 50 states now have the SSL. However, every state has their own version. in other words, they could have a 30 day period in which you can surrender the baby, or like in CA you could deliver in a hospital and erase your information from the babies record or you can deliver on your own, which we do not recommend due to high health risk. Check this link for specifics on the laws in your sate.

The average age is 22.5 years old, but we have had girls as you ng as 12 and as old as 27. 

if you choose not to use project cuddle and use the safe surrender law, the baby will go in to foster care, eventually eing moved to a permanet adoptive home, that "the system chooses". We've had girls do this and then contact us having written a letter to the baby, including wrist band number, giving the baby a name and a little background information as to why they mad this decision, giving closure to the mother. -What research exists, regarding baby abandonment in the US? "It is difficult to tell as statistics asre not normally kept but 1 publication by the humane association stated that 22000 babies are abandoned every year.

Contrary to our name, we do not provide opportunities for volunteers to hold/cuddle babies. They go directly in to the arms of the waiting Rescue Families or if you become a volunteer and help a girl through a pregnancy, she may allow you to hold this precious little one. 

We never judge any girl or woman that is pregnant and calls for help. we are here as you decide whether or not to keep the baby and charge nothing for our services. We help getting you medical care, emotional support, assistance in getting a GED if needed, etc. We never ask for money from the Birthmom or the rescue family.