Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t pick up babies from dumpsters. We help frightened girls and women find safe and legal alternative for their baby so this type of thing won’t happen. They never have to leave a baby at a dumpster, church, back alley, or anywhere for that matter.

“No baby deserves to be abandoned. Each deserves a safe beginning and healthy happy life.” -Debbe Magnusen
We are not an adoption agency or facilitator. We charge nothing to the girls or our “Rescue Families”. We are a non-profit charity whose only goal is to help each girl or woman make safe, legal decisions.
We receive calls from frightened girls and women daily.

If you’re in need of help please call our toll-free crisis number 1-888-628-3353.
The growing concern seems to stem from a realization that despite our existing legal framework, babies are still being abandonment.
All states have passed Safe Haven laws.
W receive calls from girls women of all ages. We have gotten calls from girls as young as 12 and women over the of age of 45
We are non profit organization, we do not charge our birthmothers or “Rescue Families”.
That is dependent upon the laws of your state as they pertain to child abuse and neglect, foster care, and adoption. For the most part however, once a baby is medically stable the state would arrange for care in a foster or adoptive home.
Approximately 55% of the girls and women raise their babies with our help. Others may choose adoption but where her baby goes is left completely up to her. She may work with an agency or choose to work privately with an attorney. We want each girl or woman to make a decision she is comfortable with.
Because we want to maintain the integrity our program, we do not have other branches. We are based in Orange County, California and have volunteers all over the nation and into Canada.

See How you can help for more information.
Child abandonment can take many different forms, and it can apply whenever a minor is left without appropriate supervision for an extended period of time. Baby abandonment for the purposes our cause is when a minor is discarded or left alone indefiendly.
Unfortunately no one really knows. It has been estimated that 57 babies abandoned daily across the United States. This amounts to over 20,000 babies a year! Even worse these are only the ones we know of!
Baby abandonment is always illegal. However, all states allow a girl or woman to “safely surrender” her baby to staff at a hospital emergency room and in some states fire stations. Please note each state’s safe surrender sites varies.
The legislation varies from state to state but they all have similar elements. They provide for an affirmative defense or immunity from criminal prosecution against parents who leave their newborn infants safely in the hands of designated caregivers, as identified by the law. Some “Safe Haven” laws provide for anonymity, others require an attempt at establishing the identity of a parent as well as some minimal information about the infant’s history.
We feel that one of the most important things is to work hands on with each girl or woman. She deserves to be treated with respect, tenderness, love and care. Once she has delivered, Project Cuddle continues to assist her in establishing a plan for her future. We never judge any girl or woman that is calling for help.
Contrary to our name, we do not provide oppurtunties for volunteers to hold/cuddle babies.
The decision to give their baby up for adoption is entirely left to the birthmother. This can be as quick as two days or take as long as twenty years. However the more open a rescue family is towards things such as sex, ethnicity, and drug exposure can greatly improve their odds of being chosen by the birthmother.
Very little research has been done that identifies the population of parents who abandon their babies. There is information about individual cases, but they are not sufficient enough to be used as a sample by which to make valid conclusions.

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