Debbe Magnusen: Project Cuddle’s International Spokesperson and Advocate

My name is Debbe Magnusen, and I’m the founder and volunteer CEO of Project Cuddle, a little but MIGHTY non-profit dedicated to preventing baby abandonment. And as Project Cuddle’s international spokesperson, I travel the world, sharing my story and inspiring others to join the fight against this heartbreaking issue.

But how did my journey begin? It all started with a spark ignited at a young age.

A Seed Planted: Witnessing the Need

At just eight years old, a visit to an orphanage in Mexico left an indelible mark on my soul. Holding a flashlight while my dentist father pulled teeth for the children, I felt an overwhelming desire to help stop babies from being abandoned. Although the reason for this deep yearning wouldn’t become clear until later, the seed of compassion was firmly planted.

Fast forward to my role as a foster mother, caring for children impacted by drug exposure. Witnessing a foster child’s fear triggered by police sirens ignited a fire within me. This experience became the catalyst for Project Cuddle’s creation in 1988.

My Mission: Empowering and Educating

My passion lies in empowering women facing difficult pregnancies and preventing the tragedy of baby abandonment. Through inspirational speaking engagements, I weave humor and storytelling to connect with audiences. My goal is to create a safe space for open dialogue around sensitive topics.


Inspiring Change Through Education

  • Motivational Speaking: I travel internationally, delivering talks that inspire compassion and understanding. My message emphasizes that there is hope and support available for women considering placing their child for adoption.
  • Advocacy for Drug-Exposed Babies: Raising awareness about the unique challenges faced by drug-exposed infants is a crucial part of my mission.
  • Education and Training: I provide training and educational materials for healthcare professionals and caregivers. My experience fostering drug-exposed babies allows me to share valuable insights on improving care and bonding.
  • Prevention is Key: Educational pamphlets and resources are distributed at my events, offering vital information and support options to women in crisis.

Project Cuddle: A Little Yet Mighty Force

Project Cuddle is a testament to the power of an individual’s passion. Our 501(c)(3) non-profit is run by a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors, with myself managing day-to-day operations with the invaluable support of other volunteers. Together, we make a significant difference, with all of our work being fueled by a simple yet powerful, unwavering belief: No babies deserve to die before having a chance to live.

Additionally, being featured on such platforms as The Oprah Winfrey Show truly stands as a powerful testament to the impact Project Cuddle has made. Platforms like hers allow me to continue to reach a vast audience, amplifying the message of hope and providing essential support to countless women facing difficult choices.

Join the Movement: Make a Difference

Project Cuddle’s success hinges on the compassion and support of individuals like you. If you’re inspired by our mission, there are many ways to get involved:

  • Donate: Every contribution makes a difference, helping us provide essential resources and support services.
  • Volunteer your time and talent.
  • Spread awareness: Share Project Cuddle’s message with your network.
  • Attend upcoming events: Stay tuned for information on upcoming speaking engagements where you can hear my story firsthand.

Together, we can create a world where every child has the chance to experience the joy of life. Let’s turn the tide on baby abandonment. Let’s cuddle our babies, not abandon them. And if you would like to schedule me to speak at your next event to further amplify this message, please be sure to reach out to us today.