Our Mission

EIN: 33-0378778

Empowering, emotionally supporting and providing resources and shelter for pregnant women in crisis who are homeless or victims of domestic violence.
Educating and encouraging prenatal care for pregnant women in crisis.
Educating pregnant girls and women on the fact that there is NEVER a reason to abandon their newborn baby or worse.
Promoting healthy deliveries in hospitals even if the girl wants to surrender her baby.

What does Project Cuddle do?

Prevent baby abandonment!

We provides a 24 hour hot-line to give safe and legal alternatives to baby abandonment.

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Where does Project Cuddle help?

We're nationwide!

Our main Headquarters is based in Southern California, but Project Cuddle has assisted frightened girls & women throughout the nation & into Canada since 1996.

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Who does Project Cuddle help?

Pregnant girls & women!

Project Cuddle helps frightened pregnant girls and women through difficult times. We help provide shelter, prenatal care, and unconditional support throughout their pregnancy.

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Our Start

The crisis hotline started July 8, 1996. Amazingly just 12 hours after the crisis hotline’s conception we got our first crisis call! A woman told us that she hated the baby and planned on abandoning her at a park. Within four days we quickly found an attorney and a wonderful “Rescue Family” for the beautiful baby girl she had safely delivered.

Our Inspiration

 In 1963, at the age of 8, Debbe and her father chose to go to an orphanage in Mexico and help extract their terribly decayed teeth.  It was the one family trip that would forever change the way that Debbe viewed the world and helped realize her lifelong dream.