Savannah’s Birth Mother called Project Cuddle because she had just gotten out of prison, was homeless and was 4 months pregnant. Debbe Magnusen drove up to a very bad, drug infested city to find this frightened young woman who was in such desperate need of help. With the support of Project Cuddle, she was provided with food, shelter, maternity clothing, emotional support, and a Rescue Family that had just finalized the adoption. Debbe was fortunate enough to coach in the delivery which happened only 45 minutes after she arrived. Even after more than 19 years of coaching deliveries Debbe had never asked to cut the umbilical cord. She had finally got to fulfill one of her “bucket list” items, and cut little Savannah’s cord.

Ashley with doctor for ultrasound.

Savannah with Rescue Family

There are so many more out there just like this mother and baby. Project Cuddle does not receive government funding and we can only continue our life saving efforts because of the generosity from people like you. Even a recurring donation of $5 would mean so much to us and the people we are saving.