Sweet Beginnings


Here is the photo I promised you on the 16th Birthday of our, Dear Precious Baby #1.  Her mother was scared, and felt she had no where to turn.  She heard about us on a small news station the night before the 24 hour crisis line opened.  Within 12 hours of hearing about Project Cuddle, she called for help.  With the help of a friend, I was able to orchestrate a hospital, obstetrician, awesome adoptive family and coached in the birth of this precious little girl.  This photo has never been shared publicly.  While I stayed at the birth mother’s side, the new adoptive parents went to see the tiny newborn.  Once everything settled down, I made sure the birth mother was cared for and as I started to leave her side, she said to me, “For the first time, I feel like I have done something I am proud of.”  What a great feeling that was.  I went to sneak my first peek at this miracle baby.  Still in my scrubs, the nurse allowed me into the nursery to see the baby.  Once look at her new mommy turned towards me.  We embraced each other and we began to cry.  I knew this was SO big.  We saved a baby, a frightened young woman, and then were able to make a “forever family.”  As we hugged, she thanked me for helping to make her dream of being a mother come true.  For me, it was the beginning of a dream I had held in my heart since the age of 8.  Today, projectcuddle.org is celebrating 16 years of saving babies from abandonment.  Happy birthday to all 696 babies that our wonderful volunteer crisis hotline operators, volunteers, Board Members, Spokesman, Advisory Board Members and donors have helped us save!  Without you, ALL this wouldn’t have happened.  Hugs!

- Debbe Magnusen



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