Project Cuddle is proud to announce that we have now rescued over 735 babies. The photo above is of me and baby #637. He had to be born via an emergency c-section and only weighed in a little over four pounds, but now he and his mother are doing well. We were able to help his mother get to her first ultra sound, provide her with shelter during a very difficult time and give her hands-on-parenting techniques. He now weighs over nine pounds and is doing great!Over the past year we have helped girls get to their doctor appointments, find adoptive families, support them as they tell their families of their hidden pregnancies … AND MORE.This month we have filmed two major television shows that will provide many more young women with our toll-free number. This in turn will make our hotline even more in need and busier than ever. We love what we do and want to be able to offer these services to all that need it.With the economy doing so poorly, we are seeing a major increase in cases but a large decrease in funding. We hope you will think of us when making your plans for year-end donations, planning your estate or when sharing a great cause with those you know. Only with you and others like you will we be able to raise the number of lives saved and served during this upcoming year.We love to hear from you and will continue to do our best to help the tiniest victims … the babies.Hugs & Cuddles,

Debbe Magnusen 

Project Cuddle was incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charity in 1994. A volunteer Board of Directors oversees the organization, which Debbe runs on a day-to-day basis with the assistance of volunteers and a minimally-paid staff. Your generous donations are always appreciated and help us to save the lives of more babies from the fate of abandonment.

Read more here about how Project Cuddle works.



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